Recently we won the tender to manufacture and install platforms, access ladders, walkways and lighting facilities to the Bolte Bridge tower.


Ford Australia

We have supplied labour for Ford’s Christmas shutdowns for the past 2 years. We also designed, manufactured and installed the outdoor sign on the front facade of Ford’s Geelong’s plant.

Hanlon Industries has also been involved in plant maintenance, plant reconstruction projects requiring engineering design, manufacture and commissioning in the Aluminium casting and trolling sections.

Hanlon Industries were also engaged to install a 12m x 4m flat panel advertising sign together with a walkway on the sign, mounted on the wall of the Geelong Plant. The sign required structural design and engineering certification of the design fabrication, and erection 10m above the ground.


City of Melbourne

Hanlon Industries won the tender to undertake strengthening works on the historic Queens Bridge across the Yarra River. These works included working with Heritage Victoria, Parks Victoria and Melbourne City Council to obtain necessary permits.

Currently, we are conducting work, doing strengthening works on the historic Queens Bridge. This included the following types of operations:

  • Addition of Web Stiffeners to the main torridge support beams, each stiffener location required to be measured individually to ensure tolerances of +0.001 to ensure engine bearing requirements were met.
  • Development of Bolting procedures and introduction of “squirter” load indication washers and Bolt tension procedures
  • Also required renewal of Heritage castings for access to main pallon cross beams and installation of strength of beams and not stick grout
  • Traffic management Heritage Victoria approval, MCC permits, Parks Victoria coordination, spectrograph analysis of existing steels
  • Development of weld procedures to repair heritage facade of the Queens Bridge


One Steel

The work at One Steel consisted of installation of web stiffeners and strengthening main crossbeams. We undertook fabrication and installation steelwork and stacks for a new fluid bed furnace at the One Steel North Shore plant.

Our work also included structural design of stack supports and coordination of installation with other subcontractors, installing the new wire for the galvanizing plant at the Geelong Works.

This job consisted of the following works and operations:

  • Added a new QDE wire galvanizing line
  • Structural design, manufacture and installation offurnace flue support structural steel
  • Roof bracing around flue opening installing andmanufacture of 9m high flue stacks
  • 5 stacks installed through building roof in 1 day
  • Modification to associated equipment
  • Labour Hire for Maintenance



The work we conduct with Wengfu consists of:

  • General maintenance at the Lara plant.
  • Fertilizer Distribution Geelong and Portland VIC
  • The installation of Ranco fertiliser blend plants.
  • Subwritting Materials Handling concepts and design specifications
  • The Ranco Blend plant consists of Hoppers Mounted on load cells to record material feed to ensure compliance with blend specifications.
  • Volumetric feed screens
  • Flat bed collector conveyors Barrel Blenders and truck loading facilities including gantries
  • Design, manufacture and commission of portable 1 tonne bagging hopper complete with “certified for sale” scales.