APN Outdoor

Hanlon Industries has had a contract with APN Outdoor since 2009 to design, manufacture, install, maintain, repair and de-commission outdoor signs. We work for APN in Victoria, NSW, QLD, SA and WA. Key projects have included:

  • Sydney’s International Airport - Manufacture and install Australia’s largest outdoor sign. The 220m x 46m static sign was manufactured in Geelong then transported to Sydney and installed a top the eight story car park
  • Melbourne’s iconic Young and Jackson Hotel - Manufacture and install the LED sign on top of the hotel in 2009 when originally installed, this specialist sign was the first of its kind to be manufactured and installed in Australia. In August 2014, we replaced the original structure and screens
  • Canberra International Airport Design, manufacture and install an outdoor sign
  • Melbourne Metro rail system - Design, engineer, fabricate and install more than 74 outdoor advertising signs at train stations and platforms.
  • Sydney Domestic Terminal - Design, manufacture and install outdoor digital sign at entrance
  • Adelaide CBD - Design, manufacture and install outdoor digital sign in
  • Melbourne’s Tullamarine Freeway - Design, manufacture and install thirteen lightboxes on overpasses
  • Sydney’s Kings Cross - Design, manufacture and install outdoor digital sign on top of heritage listed building
  • Melbourne and Sydney sites including Kew Junction, Swanston St, Sydney Airport - Design, manufacture and install outdoor signs
  • Sydney Central and North Sydney rail stations. - Design, manufacture and installation of L.E.D screen advertising panels
  • Perth International and Domestic Airports - Engaged to design, manufacture and install 3 new L.E.D screen advertising signs. Alterations to 3 existing Gantry signs and entrance to Perth Airport.
  • Sydney CBD Rail Network – the manufacture and installation of the frames for the Xtrack T advertising system in 32 key CBD platforms


Incitec Pivot (IPL)

We have had a contract with IPL since 2000 to supply boilermakers and mechanical fitters to fulfil their maintenance requirements at their North Shore and Lara plants. In addition to our permanent maintenance team, we also support IPL through the provision of qualified personal for their fortnightly shutdowns, seasonal shutdowns, breakdowns, conveyor belt maintenance and the provision of scaffolding. Hanlons are able to meet their requirements 24/7.

During our tenure with IPL we have also completed major projects including:

  • Re-cladding of the dryer building
  • Installation of conveyor systems in Victoria and SA
  • Manufacture and install conveyor guarding
  • Rebuilding recycle fan motor bases
  • Installing hopper vibrators
  • Manufacturing elevator buckets
  • Installation of a new processing plant at their Port Adelaide plant



OAMM provide state of the art digital media solutions and as a result of our expertise and professionalism they have engaged Hanlons to build the digital screen structures for the following high profile locations –

  • Geelong’s Kardinia Park - ground level fencing frames
  • Sydney Cricket Ground - . ground level fencing frames
  • Sydney’s Allianze stadium - first and second tier frames
  • Spotless Stadium at Olympic Park Sydney – large frame for the external entrance
  • Top Ryde Shopping Centre – Large suspended frame
  • Sydney Airport – numerous frames throughout the terminals

Metro Trains Melbourne PTY LTD

Increasing our list of blue chip clients is extremely important to our future growth therefore we are proud to be tendering for and winning numerous projects with Metro.

Our main line of work is the refurbishments and new builds of staff amenities at railway stations throughout the Melbourne Metropolition area. Sites include – Brighton, Calder Park, Frankston, Newport, Sandringham, Burnley stations.
In addition to this we have also undertaken maintenance works throughout the underground rail system. This work is often carried out at night and requires a high level of detailed planning and execution.


Senvion Australia

The beginning of 2014 saw Hanlons enter a new and exciting relationship with Senvion Australia.  We supply a small but specialist team to Senvion to support their ongoing maintenance work on the wind turbines at the Mt Mercer wind farm.